Frontend Engineer

Dec, 2019 — present
  • Large financial app. React, GraphQL (Apollo), Typescript

Scott Logic

Software Developer

Aug, 2018 — Nov, 2019 (1 year, 3 months)
  • Developed full-stack search app for data analytics firm (kanban team of 8). NodeJS, Typescript, Elastic Search, React, Styled Components.

  • Refactored .Net Core service, applying best practices with migrations, versioning and structure (scrum team of 6). AWS, C#, .Net core, Moq.

  • Wrote adapters to send and receive files for 2 external financial regulatory services (scrum team of 6). C#, Docker.

  • Developing React app for operations team (scrum team of 7). CSS-In-JS, Material UI, Redux, React, EFCore, C# .Net Core, AWS.

  • Integrating with several C# services, writing new features for validating and enriching data. Refactored process for validation rules, writing SpecFlow, integration and Selenium tests (scrum team of 8). C#, CQL, Python.

  • Presented tech talks and wrote blog posts about SOLID design principles, and web performance with over 2k views.

Scott Logic

Graduate Software Developer

2018 (6 months)
  • Designed tool for comparing different big data technologies. Dockerized a Spring (boot) application, deploying to AWS and integrating with Apache Kafka and AWS Kinesis (scrum team of 6). Docker, AWS, Amazon Kinesis, Apache Kafka, Java 8, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Lombok.

  • Developed 2 SPA using latest technologies, build tools and high quality standards. React, Redux, Node.js, JavaScript, Socket.io, Webpack, Babel, Mocha, Selenium e2e tests and unit tests.

  • Presented technical talks and articles on latest technologies, such as web performance and Node.js.

GWS Media

Web Developer

2017 — 2018 (9 months)
  • Developed Wordpress, Magento 2, Drupal 6, 7 and 8 custom plugins, themes and designs for 20+ international clients. LESS, JavaScript, PHP.

  • Lead developer for international client website redesign, synchronised data with warehouse system producing £1m yearly sales. Magento 2, Shell scripts, Bootstrap, Jira.

  • Team lead managing 6 developers, with daily check-ins, support and assigning work. Communication, Leadership.

121 Systems

.NET Developer

2014 — 2015 (11 months)
  • Redesigned custom CMS resulting in faster updating and better usability for marketing department. ASP.NET, SASS, HTML.

  • Built interface between courier service and 100+ client hand-held devices, deployed nationally, processing 2k daily requests. VB.NET.

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Pluralsight Author

Solo Project

  • Working in partnership with Microsoft and Pluralsight I created, recorded and published online training material for Microsoft Azure.

  • Designed slides, wrote scripts and presented a 1 hour course.

Harry's Habits

Solo Project

  • Developed Facebook Chatbot to help form new healthy habits. JavaScript, NodeJS.

  • Ran 30-day study with 58 people. PaaS Heroku, PostgreSQL.

  • Developed during my MSc Advanced Computer Science degree.

Instagram Collages

Solo Project

  • WebApp to create photo collages in the cloud. Google App Engine, Python, Flask.

  • Separated into 3 microservices for scalability.

  • Uses Google App Engine APIs. App Identity, Push Task Queues and Services.


Solo Project

  • Developed static websites and swag for tech society hackathon, HackNotts. Jekyll, SCSS, GitHub Pages, Adobe Illustrator.

  • Swag photos

  • Redesigned the society website with a task runner to handle minifying and compiling CSS. SASS, GruntJS.

Women In Tech

Solo Project

  • Designed and developed brand from scratch for Women In Technology conference. PHP, HTML, SCSS, Jekyll, Adobe Illustrator.

  • University of Nottingham HackSoc conference to inspire women in technology, see the 2015 version and 2016 version.


Team of 3

  • Project lead for redesign of best student radio station in the UK, migrated from Drupal to Wordpress. PHP, JavaScript, GitHub, Drupal, Wordpress, SCSS.

  • Increased yearly hits to 100k and reduced average load time by 40% to 4s.

  • Created plugins to integrate podcasts and the radio show schedule. JavaScript.

  • Improved developer experience with 1 click to deploy (source code on GitHub). _ GitHub webhooks, GruntJS, SCSS.

  • Maintained hardware and other software used by 100 radio presenters. IT support.

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