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Harry Mumford-Turner

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Harry's Habits

  • A Facebook Messenger bot to develop new healthy habits for my MSc Advanced Computer Science Thesis.
  • Written in NodeJS, hosted on Heroku using PostgreSQL.
  • Ran a 30-day study with 58 participants.

Rasterizer & Ray Tracer

  • Rasterizer and Ray Tracer in C++ with GLM and SDL.
  • Rasterizer performs soft shadows, Anti-Aliasing FXAA, directional light, parallelisation on the GPU and more!
  • The Ray Tracer performs Anti-Aliasing with SSAA, soft shadows, Photon Mapping, General Model Loading, Global Illumination and more!

Web Playground

  • A playground demonstrating variety of website development best practices and standards
  • Written in NodeJS, using GruntJS to build and perform many additional tasks, such as deploying to a heroku server.
  • Uses SASS and PUG for templating.
  • Integrated an SQLite database and server-side rendering from markdown to HTML and PDF.

Instapute, Cloud Instagram Collages

  • Program is separated into 3 microservices for a scalable solution for Instagram collage creation.
  • Written in Python, using the Flask micro framework with WebApp2 for easy routing
  • Hosted on the Google App Engine, using several GAE APIs. App Identity, Push Task Queues and Services (previously named modules), to separate the
  • The code is open source, available on Github.

KVS Server

  • A C implementation of a Key-Value-Store server, full breif available here.
  • Used Makefiles to compile program and to write my own C test harness.

University Radio Nottingham

  • Responsible for day-to-day maintenance of URN equipment and website with over 200k hits a year.
  • Migrated existing website from Drupal to Wordpress, creating plugins to integrate podcasts and the radio show schedule.
  • Optimised the website by reducing the average load time by 10 seconds.
  • Improved the work flow, using GitHub web-hooks, GruntJS and SCSS.
  • The code is open source, available on Github.

Hack Notts

Project Marking Problem

  • A solution for the Project Marking Problem, when multiple students want multiple markers to demonstrate their project.
  • Solves a Producer Consumer problem in C, using pthread.
  • The code is open source, available on Github.


Dartboard Detector

  • A modified Viola-Jones object detector to match dartboards, rather than faces.
  • Created using C++ with OpenCV.
  • Program was first trained of a series of negative images. After training the program can detect dartboards in images.
  • Source code available on GitHub.

Productivity Mapping

  • For my dissertation I built an Android app (source code) to reduce the distractions of smartphone notifications.
  • App uses Google's Location and Mapping Libraries to block impersonal notifications.
  • I accompanied the app with a web-service API (source code) built using PHP.


  • Built for my BSc 2nd year group project.
  • Routing+ will intelligently take you down the best route possible avoiding right turns and traffic lights. One less thing for you to remember.
  • Written in Java, compiled with Maven.
  • Source code available on GitHub.

This website

  • My personal website was created by hand.
  • The CSS is preprocessed using SASS, CSS with super powers.
  • Bourbon a SCSS library is used to target all the latest browsers and the icons are from FontAwesome.
  • Uses Grunt a Javascript task runner to build everything.

Women In Tech

  • A University of Nottingham HackSoc conference to inspire women in technology.
  • Built using php, html and less.
  • Used the CSS pre-processor less to extend our CSS adding mixins.
  • Built 2015 and 2016
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